GameBoy Advance

   This is just a quick and dirty page for my GameBoy Advance programming...

LaserChessGBA - Is based on an old game originally published in "Compute" magazine.  Its a fun two player game that uses mirrors for pieces and a laser beam to shoot to try to kill your opponent.  While not exactly like chess, its a fun derivative which involves thought and strategy.


AsteroidsGBA - Is really just a demo using a Sprite Class I wrote in C++.  This demo shows off most of the features my class can handle.   My Class can handle scaling, rotation, movement, acceleration, friction, gravity, animation, and collision detection with other sprites to name a few things..

Asteroids2GBA - Version 2 of the above game.  It has a few new features like scrolling backgrounds, flying saucer enemies, and a shield system.  More or less an improvement in gameplay from the original demo I made, and is now more of a "Game" than the previous version.

BustAMoveGBA - Is a complete clone of the original version made by Taito in 1994.  Its a solitaire like puzzle game in which the object is to clear the screen of bubbles by matching colors.  It also includes two modes of "Link" play with a link cable.  The classic "Deathmatch" game which was in the original version, and a "Race" mode where the first to clear the level wins the round.