Tired of plain old image links on your website, or fed up with over complicated image viewing scripts?  rpViewer is a very easy to use JavaScript image viewer that makes viewing your images fun.  What rpViewer does is pop up a window to browse your pictures which makes it extremely easy to navigate through your images.  rpViewer is easy to install, and very few changes are needed to your original html code to get it to work.  Full installation instructions are included in the zip file, and best of all rpViewer is completely FREE.

  Some key features:
  • Smart panoramic image viewer
  • Smart image resizing to always fit the image in the window
  • Slideshow
  • Randomize picture lists

  Here is a small example of before and after using rpViewer.  Feel free to view the source of this page to see what little changes were needed for the rpViewer enabled images.  Note that this example uses thumbnails as links to the images, but they are not required.  This script would work just as easily for pages that use just text as the links instead of thumbnails.  Click here to see the README.txt file

Turn your old images from this: (you will need to hit the back button to get back.)

To this:

Download rpViewer free Here